Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fer-de-Lance at Blue Hole National Park

A poisonous snake we came across in the jungles of Blue Hole National Park, Cayo District, Belize

Friday, January 19, 2007

Let's start with Belize and Guatemala...

Seth selected these photos and (with the help of Kristina) created this website. Bruce has been making music videos and slide shows behind the scenes!

A Three Hour Tour...A Three Hour Tooouuurrrr...

...the weather started getting rough, our tiny ship was tossed...
Mike Topsy piloted our motor boat for 45 minutes to this "tiny" (200yds X 100yds) island where we stayed at Tobacco Caye Paradise for 6 days. Our cabin is the third white structure from the left. Two rooms, two double beds, two hammocks, and three squares...we were in paradise! The island is right on the reef, second in size to Australia's Great Barrier, there was an incredible diversity of ocean life to explore. ~Kristina

Xunatunich and a GIANT grasshopper on KK

Guatemala Marketplace

Fruit and vegetable markets provided tomatoes, avocados, oranges, papaya, watermelon, banana, grapes, Washington apples!, garlic...and much more.

Menonite Man

The Menonites settled in Belize in the mid-1900s and have become an important part of Belizean society- they are said to control Belize's chicken production.


Mayan royalty lived near and around these temples. The tallest temples were built in honor of their ancestors. The amazing thing is that these structures were built by a civilization with much less technology than ours. The tallest structure in Belize today is a Mayan Temple.